Democratic principles must be protected while reforming politics and government to be more effective for Americans.

While government and politics require reform, our core principles of democracy – from the checks and balances of leadership to freedom of the press – must be relentlessly defended.  Ending gerrymandering, opening-up primaries, ensuring voter access and campaign finance reform are essential to making our democracy work.

Facts and science matter.

We believe evidence-based policy and data-informed decision-making is foundational to public policy because it fosters an efficient and responsible government.

Our economy must work for all, today and in the future.

We must address the unequal access to economic opportunity that exists today, and plant seeds for longer term national competitiveness, growth and prosperity. We must be stewards for future generations building an economy that does not destroy the planet.

Diverse nations and organizations win.

The data is unequivocal; diverse teams, organizations and countries outperform their less diverse peers.