The Leadership Now Project is a nonpartisan membership organization of business professionals who are concerned with the future of our democracy and believe it is our responsibility to be part of the solution using our expertise, networks and resources. Members are diverse in their political views, professions, racial and ethnic backgrounds but are united by the belief that galvanized America’s founders, E Pluribus Unum - out of many, one.

We are particularly concerned with the threats to the fundamentals of our democracy that are preventing principled leaders and meaningful policy from advancing. As Katherine Gehl and Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter has argued, the lack of competition in the politics industry is failing America. Low voter turnout, gerrymandering, campaign finance rules and a lack of highly qualified candidates are problems that require our time, attention, resources and above all our combined voices.

We are focused on deepening our members’ engagement in political renewal and supporting leaders with integrity who are committed to uniting rather than dividing our nation.